The Fleury company has produced regional dried meat specialities for more than half a century.

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Valais is known for its sun-drenched climate, picturesque landscapes and its culinary treasures. And this is more than justified; besides fine wines and aromatic cheeses, there is another speciality to discover: Valais dried meat.

Valais is shaped by its geographical location, its history and the people who live there. The protection of the surrounding mountains provides a warm, dry climate, just the right environment of excellent wine and sensational dried meat specialities. Both the region’s wine production and the crafting of its dried meat specialities are based on time-honoured knowledge, combining passion and patience with the local conditions.

It all began in the 14th century. Valaisian shepherds began seasoning cuts of meat, then drying them in the arid air of Valais to preserve them. A young man named Gabriel Fleury tapped into this tradition six centuries later.

In the heart of Valais, he founded the family-run Fleury company in 1963, which remains known and loved today for its masterful hand craftsmanship and its delicious delicacies. The Natura dried meat produced here from Eringer cattle is known for its unmistakable and tasty flavours, springing from the interplay of the meat’s own aroma and rich seasonings.