Natura connects the regions of Switzerland through tradition, hand craftsmanship and plenty of patience.

More about the Natura regions


Pleasure with tradition takes time: The drying process of our Natura specialities takes up to five months. In the process, the products not only acquire their intense flavour, but also their familiar shape.

Regardless of whether they are raw, pickled productions from Grisons or Valais, or smoked specialties from Jura and Eastern Switzerland, they all have one thing in common: Their production process takes time, patience and especially know-how. All products are produced from Swiss beef and pork. The raw material is rubbed with a traditional mixture of herbs and spices, and then air-dried for several months, and depending in the production region, then cold-smoked. It takes three to five months until the products are finished.

This is a time-intensive process until the finished product is ready. It is a ripening process that could perhaps be accelerated industrially, but which would then not allow the same effect to unfold. The Natura specialities are given the opportunity to complete this ripening process in peace, so that their flavour can fully unfold.