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Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei, Tinizong

In Tinizong we produce top-grade Bündner dried meat specialities according to traditional recipes in the heart of Canton Grisons. The special characteristics of the climate conditions there are reflected in the character and quality of the end product.

The product range includes the IGP Label-certified products Bündnerfleisch, Bündner raw ham, Bündner coppa and raw bacon. Our Grisons specialities are salted deep in the mountains of Grisons, stored for three to five weeks and then dried in the fresh mountain air for several months.

The interplay of select natural products, traditional recipes and expert processing is the basis of our exquisite dried meat.
Markus Gomer, Manager, Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei

Essential factors that contribute to our unmistakable flavour are time and patience for ageing during the production.

During the drying process, our meat loses nearly half of its original weight, but also develops its delicious taste, for which it is known the world over.

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