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Maurer Speck, Flüh

Ernst Maurer produces bacon and country smoked ham, having supplied numerous customers with his exclusive products for the past 50 years from the peaceful little town of Flüh in Baselland.

The home of Maurer Speck in Flüh seems unlikely, embedded in this small town outside of Basel, still within the borders of Canton Solothurn. An enclave. A niche. A special case, as is the product that Ernst Maurer produces along with his team: his famous Maurer bacon. With its tradition going back 50 years, Maurer Speck is among Switzerland’s established producers of bacon.

The pork that Ernst Maurer salts and smokes with the best ingredients using classic methods over several weeks is sourced exclusively from the region. Maurer bacon is then produced by hand and salted with the company’s own special seasoning mixture. While his wife Sylvia looks after bookkeeping, Ernst Maurer produces up to one ton of bacon along with his employees each day.

Maurer Speck company brochure (PDF in German)

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