Ernst Maurer produces bacon and country smoked bacon with pure hand craftsmanship and loads of dedication.

More about Maurer Speck


Bacon from Jura has just one name: Ernst Maurer. For more than half a century, the bacon specialities from Maurer Speck from the peaceful, little town of Flüh, have been among the finest of their sort, known far beyond the canton borders.

With its tradition going back 50 years, Maurer Speck is among Switzerland’s established producers of bacon. Ernst Maurer Senior founded the company in 1968, and Ernst H. Maurer has led the company in the second generation for more than 40 years. Under his leadership and with plenty of dedication and hand craftsmanship, the company became the number one in bacon production in Switzerland.

Each week, Ernst Maurer processes around 500 sides of bacon, 360 hams, 120 loins and 160 pork necks, which he purchases as raw meat. Each year, the company produces 300 tons of meat that is crafted by hand, salted and smoked.

Flavour, solidity, seasonings, marbling and the special smoky taste are what distinguish the bacon from Ernst Maurer. The experienced meat specialist intentionally chooses not to use modern industrial equipment in his factory in Flüh. Each piece of meat is turned at least five times in the seasoning mixture by hand.