We produce top-grade Bündner dried meat specialities according to traditional recipes in the heart of Canton Grisons.

More about Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei


Dried meat is crafted with passion and dedication in the heart of the mountains of Grisons. These Bündner specialities are impressive not only for their historical development, but also for their tangy aroma, the tender meat structure and their bright colour.

Besides cheese with holes and bittersweet chocolate, our renowned Bündnerfleisch is among Switzerland’s most famous export stars. The good reputation of Bündner dried meat specialities is not just attributable to the traditional processing methods, but also especially to the climate conditions in the mountains in Grisons.

It all began millennia ago when people preserved meat down in the valleys by drying it so they could survive the hard winter. The intricate craft was handed down through the ages from father to son, until it became a virtue of necessity and the traditional farmer’s food became a treasured speciality.

The traditional recipes are passed down from generation to generation and still today are based on traditional craftsmanship. And still today, more than 200 years later, Bündner dried meat specialities are not smoked, but exclusively dried in the mountain air of Grisons. And because production is only possible in a very special region, our Natura Bündnerfleisch is protected with the IGP certificate. The IGP Label guarantees that Natura Bündner Fleischtrocknerei specialities are produced solely in Canton Grisons at an altitude of 800 to 1,800 metres above sea level.