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Fleury, Granges

The Fleury company has produced regional dried meat specialities for more than half a century. The renowned Valais specialities are produced using traditional recipes with plenty of hand craftsmanship and time.

Fleury is embedded in a small, idyllic Valais village, surrounded by the imposing Alps and characterised by the mild climate of Valais. This seems nearly unlikely that this former family operation is popular far beyond the cantonal borders because of its renowned IGP products.

While our ancestors still dried meat out of necessity to preserve it, we have maintained, developed and cultivated this traditional butcher hand craftsmanship down through the generations. Valais dry ageing today guarantees that top-quality Valais IGP products are produced by hand.

Whether it is our Valais dried meat specialities, Valais raw ham or Valais raw bacon, all our products are produced from Swiss raw materials and are crafted exclusively in Granges.

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    The Valais company, Fleury, has produced top-quality dried meat specialities since 1963. The very best raw material is hand-crafted by our motivated employees using traditional recipes into IGP dried meat, raw ham, raw bacon and many other specialities.