Rudolf Schär has produced meat and sausage specialities in the Säntis / Lake Constance region for 70 years.

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Nestled between the impressive Alpstein Massive and Lake Constance, Swiss dried meat specialities have been produced here for hundreds of years. Shaped by its origin and diversity, Eastern Switzerland has a lot more to offer than just bread and sausages.

When one thinks about meat specialities and Eastern Switzerland, the legendary Olma bratwurst soon comes to mind. It is the big sister of the St. Galler bratwurst and likely the best known bratwurst in Switzerland, and best represents Eastern Switzerland when it comes to meat specialities. And rightly so, after all, there is nothing better than a good veal bratwurst with a slice of fresh “Bürli” bread. Natura’s dried meat specialities from the Alpstein are proof that Eastern Switzerland has far more to offer.

Take Natura Mostbröckli, for example. It originated in the Appenzell region and has been produced there for hundreds of years. No one can quite agree about where the name “Mostbröckli” comes from. What most can agree on is that fermented apple juice (cider) is where it began, but it remains in dispute whether it was because it was traditionally enjoyed with a glass of cider, or whether the name goes back to when the butcher marinated the meat in cider to tenderise it.

By the way: Until the end of the last century, it was not uncommon to also smoke dog meat and to process it into Mostbröckli. But no need to worry, Natura Mostbröckli from Rudolf Schär uses only lean meat from round beefsteak.