The Natura brand stands for the millennia-old art of Swiss dried meat and the pursuit of a harmonic and masterful synthesis of traditional hand craftsmanship, the climate in the heart of the Swiss Alps and a painstaking and patient ageing process.

Besides cheese with holes and bittersweet chocolate, our renowned dried meat specialities are among Switzerland’s most famous export stars. Their good reputation is not just attributable to the traditional processing methods, but especially also the climate conditions of the regions where they are produced.

The best known dried meat is made in Grisons; the earliest written mention thereof goes back to the 18th century.  The writer Johann Gottfried Ebel praised the special characteristics of the climate in a travel report: “The air is so dry that from October to March in towns stretching from Sils to St. Moritz, all the meat is not smoked, but air-dried.” (Ebel, 1793: “Anleitung auf die nützlichste und genussvollste Art die Schweitz zu bereisen”). Our Bündner and Valais specialities are still air-dried today, not smoked.

Smoked meats traditionally come from lower lying regions such as Jura or Eastern Switzerland. The regions of Switzerland are marked by their geological conditions, by mountains and rivers, by their climate and by the people who live there.  These conditions influence whether specialities are smoked or just air-dried. What all our Natura specialties have in common is that their production requires plenty of quiet, patience and especially hand craftsmanship.

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